Thursday, May 11, 2017

Desire kissable lips but don’t know how?

Our lips are one of the sensual parts of the body and they can command a second glance.

We all wonder how models and actresses on screens and print media sport juice and moist lips that seem kissable-right? Either we assume or led to believe that they could afford really expensive lipsticks and lip gloss products to show off such adorable full lips.

 With the right lipstick and the correct way of applying them, you and I too can sport beautiful looking lips,

Of course, beauticians who tend to celebrities are capable of creating luscious and kissable with the help of good glosses and assisted smartly by the photographer who can bring out the best of any part of our body. Still, common girls and housewives too can learn to transform their ‘not-so-good-looking’ lips to desirable lips. We only should learn to select the exact shade of lipsticks that are in contrast to our facial complexion.

I picked up some useful tips from my regular beautician regarding buying the correct lip brush and the lip liner to clearly mark the natural line of our lips and serves as a guide when applying lipstick to prevent smudges.

Yes, you can try to expand the borders of your lips with the use of a lip liner when you want to create the illusion of larger lips and use lip gloss to create the desired full lip look.

Make sure that your lip liner pencil is sharp and its color matches your lipstick color. Don’t forget to apply lip gloss to add shine and luster to your lips after you apply a foundation aka a primer.

Squeeze your lips:
Periodically, squeeze your lips to increase blood circulation and muscle flexibility. You can use your finger to do that when in privacy; use your teeth alternatively but discreetly when you are out,

Video demo to attain kissable lips:
This short video below would make us confident of making our lips enviable.


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