Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dragon eyebrows new vogue in eye makeup.

Caring for the eyebrows probably started in India. Ancient paintings in India depicted women with various shapes of eyebrows because they give the face its shape or enhance the shape of the face. In fact, they help highlight the eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and chin within the frame of the face.

Beauticians have certainly learned the trick that the eyebrows are amenable to shaping and were able to convince the women in India to tweak their eyebrows in tune with the size of the eyes and the forehead.

I would say the perfect eyebrow shape can be carved in close relation with the shape of the face, especially the forehead and chin.

Oh well, we have seen some bold eyebrow makeup over the years but the dragon eyebrow that was reported today in Bangalore Times is a little too bold indeed. Oh, its just my opinion; no intention to offend anyone.

Stuti Agarwal has said that “after feathered eye brows and barbed wire eyebrows, another weird eyebrow trend have taken over the internet…”

The credit for the invention of dragon eyebrows goes to makeup artist Harlib. However, I could not unearth (rather unweb) her from the Internet (web). I wish Stuti had given the link to Harlib. I am sure the Bangalore beauties are trying to communicate with her for eyebrow makeup appointments.

Harlib is only 23 and below is the image of her sporting the dragon eyebrow makeup.

Eyebrows are amenable to reshaping provided they are thick and lustrous. 


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