Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Jeans and Fishnet-here they create a new vogue.

OMG! The fishnet stocking vogue was dug out and surfaced again. This trending vogue is sported by none other than Khloe Kardashian. Yes! You guessed it right; she is the sister of Kim Kardashian.

Fishnet Stocking belongs to another British era. Well, that's what I remember from my film going days way back in the 1960snd early the 1970s. It did not make any impact on Indian women as wearing stockings even in films was not in vogue then.

 believe, the resurrected fishnet stockings won't make disturb the Indians generally and the celebrities world particularly. I guess it doesn't go well with the fans. 

Maybe Indians never admired long legs that are enhanced by transparent stockings.

As I was curating content in Pinterest, I came upon this trending vogue of wearing classic stockings.
Digging deep, I unearthed more than a handful of reports and relevant images of jeans and fishnet stockings.

I must admit not all the images were impressive. I would attribute it on the taste of the photographer.

Some of the photos showed the fishnet covering knees alone while a few showed just above the waist.

However, the image below is excellent.

Jeans and Fishnet stockings

Image via: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/2674081009789541/


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