Monday, May 8, 2017

Learn to apply false eyelashes from Kandee Johnson.

Applying false eyelashes can be easy by watching the video below.

Who cannot resist a second glance at eyes with lustrous eyelashes that would make a cow feel shy?Eyes are the foremost organ that appeal to you instantly.

Thick, lustrous false eyelashes
Who require false eyelashes?
False lashes are for those whose eye lashes are  naturally ill-formed making them unattractive.
For some, the color of their eye lashes is light which are not  instantly visible to others.

Isn't Mascara enough?
This is an era of night life. Carefully made false eyelashes look stunning in the dim light of the restaurants and pubs. I know of several women who only use mascara which I feel won’t replace artificial eye lashes.

Initially, most women would be reluctant to wear false eyelashes because they first have to apply glue on the lower lid of their eyes to make the artificial eyelashes to stick to the eyelids. At times, when they blink or close their eyes for a few seconds, they would be thoroughly embarrassed because their eyes will stay shut due to the glue.

How long the false eye lashes would stay intact?

Usually, you can be confident that your artificial eyelashes will stay in their place for a minimum of 8 hours. However, some manufactures of false eyelashes claim that they will stay up to twelve hours!

Nevertheless, one need not fear applying artificial eyelashes. With practice, one can wear their false eyelashes under 5 minutes.

Watch Kandee Johnson applying false eyelashes expertly sliding the glued eyelashes

What a nice trick! Try it on your eyes next time

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