Friday, May 12, 2017

Rigid Jeans are in vogue again. Stretch denims are out.

Ever since I am across the above image in Pinterest preceded by the title, "Rigid Jeans are the latest vogue ...", I have been trying to gather intelligent content regarding it but I ended in Cul-de-sac..

I dug out further and landed on and it says, "Rigid jeans in an original fit - with that authentic, pert-bottom-property - are back. The fit to wear now is a high-rise straight leg, finishing just above the ankle. It's proper, rigid denim, the kind that Debbie Harry wore in 1978..

So, what I could gather was:
Rigid Jeans were in vogue during the late 1970s and were replaced by Skinny and Stretchable Jeans. Now, it is back in vogue and I wonder which celebrity is going to be the first one to endorse.

Rigid Denims were those that men and women wore in the 1970s. The duration of wearing them was so long that people were said to live in jeans.


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