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The technique to get free cosmetics samples.

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Free samples of products, especially makeup and cosmetics are distributed to beauty parlors, well-known beauticians, and even beauty bloggers. In fact, the role played by beauty bloggers in promoting beauty and fashion related products is bigger than the other two.

However, not all cosmetics brands give away free samples generously, especially to web journalists in the makeup and beauty field. In addition, I would say beauty bloggers too are embarrassed to request for free makeup products samples fearing rebuke.

Nevertheless, I know every brand of cosmetics has certain budget for free samples but since they are distributed through offline shops, they rarely reach the target.
A few hours ago, I stumbled onto a well written blog post through the digest. In that blog post, the author has written about the techniques to get free cosmetics samples.

Not only that, the author has also pointed out to the brands that are generous in free sample giveaways.

I like especially one technique in requesting free samples. When you ask for a free sample, show your knowledge about the purpose of the product, its competitors so that you appear to be genuine.

The brands that giveaway free samples liberally are:
I quote from the blog source.
·         For hair and skincare samples Aveda, Khiel's and Clinique are very generous.
·         Other brands are Clarins, Benefit and Bobbi brown.
·         The Body Shop and Lush are more than happy to help you out when it comes to samples!

From what I gathered from reading the blog post is if you want free samples, do not hesitate. They are for grabs.


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