Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The simplest recipe for a very straight, long hair.

Straight long hair

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I know you want to click on the image above if not done so already. Hundreds and thousands of girls and women are dreaming of sporting such a long and very straight hair. It makes one look very young and very girlish.

A Pinner says you too can really make your dream a reality with just 4 basic ingredients that are available in every kitchen.

They are:
* Coconut oil
* Olive oil

And of course a tablespoon. (smile)

No shampoo, no hair straightener at all.

The exact recipe and the method:
Hey folks, why not give full credit to the Pinner by redirecting you over to the original source?
Copy the image source on your browser and you are done.

However, once you get the desired result, you must maintain it on all days which I am sure is a tedious job and time-consuming. Be prepared if you demand a second glance at your mane.


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