Saturday, June 10, 2017

Where do Cosmetics Giveaways get posted?

makeup products giveaways
I always wondered where those tempting to grab 'cosmetics giveaways' get posted and how they reach the target audience!

Oh yes, I am one of the target audience for free cosmetics giveaways. If not, at least I can be targeted to give discount coupons for those newly introduced skin lotions, shampoo sachets, and mascaras.
 I went about searching for them in Google plus communities.

It did not take long to compile a very short list (only three communities) of communities where only cosmetics giveaways are announced.

Here they are, the three cosmetics and makeup giveaways announcing Google plus communities.

Alexa Cosmetic/Makeup Giveaways

It's strange that just these 3 web pages in Google plus that announce free giveaways. I thought most of the beauty sites and beauty related blogs use giveaways to promote their beauty sites.

The image is linked to the source with thanks.


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