Monday, July 17, 2017

Anti-Aging Treatment Options.

Who doesn’t have the desire to look healthy, dynamic and above all young? I think there are no exceptions to this natural desire. However, most of us who want to roll back 15 years or more, (depends on our present age) have no clue as to which part of our body needs repair for age reversal-right?

Is it the area around the chin?
Or the area around the eyes?
Is it our thinning and graying hair?

As we are uncertain, the vogue industry and the cosmetics market are vibrant with innovative products that promise us to satisfy our desire. The word ‘Anti-ageing’ seems to mesmerize us. We hope and believe the products that allure us to buy would transform us overnight.

 When it comes to anti aging treatments, numerous approaches are now open. It all depends on our budget and the beautician who is going to act as the second creator.
Given below are examples of the current trends in anti aging treatments that have gained wide acceptance.

Botox – The most sought after method for straightening the facial wrinkles is Botox and also is widely successful over the years,

This anti-aging treatment is performed on millions of women per year. I read sometime back, the Indian beauties are largely reluctant to undergo Botox. It’s probably due to the assumption that they have not aged at all even at 50!

Good, I appreciate the confidence.

The majority of the Botox is performed in the U.S. as per the report published by American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Botox doesn’t involve surgery.  Botox is carried out with injections only but are administered by the plastic surgeons that are qualified and licensed.

Of late, even the dermatologists have acquired the necessary license to perform Botox. I think they too know well to do this. As long as the beauticians are not performing Botox, the women are safe.

What does the Botox injection do to the skin?
Botox softens the wrinkles of a patient’s chin, ear and at the corners of the eyes.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments
Skin Rejuvenation is nothing but skin tightening. The skin sags when we are old. This treatment involves in removing the sags by tightening the skin. Got it?

The sagging is prominent in and around the jowls, and the cheek. Skin tightening adds years to a person's appearance.

Earlier, the skin bags underwent through knife but now it is done through non-invasive procedures like laser treatments.

Skin care products – These are the creams, lotions, oils and what not, that are available over the counters and at just about every online store. I would say they are all effective to some extent but not if you are over 50.

These skin care products work only if you have spotted your aging skin at an early stage. Even then, they are not permanent solutions like Botox or invasive plastic surgeries.

While most skin care products are chemical based, one can also buy natural skin care creams. They certainly do not cause any damage to your skin.

However, if you never want to face the issue of anti-ageing treatments, stay away from chemical cosmetics and use only natural makeup items from day one.

anti aging smile
Anti aging smile

And wear a smile, a large one on your face always; then, you will seem to never age.


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