Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Is this exquisite beauty a real or painted?

There is a website called WallPaper Pulse. I used to scour it for stunning images for my online publishing assignments. Three days before I stumbled onto the above image and it left me speechless for several minutes.

After a few hours, I again looked closely at the image and it struck me it might not be a real woman's image but a painting only. Else, using photo editing software, such a striking image must have been achieved.

Had I known photo editing, I would have made her eyebrow a little lustrous and applied a pink eyeliner matching the color of her face. Yeah, I am crazy to create incredible images but only in my mind.

The shape of her face is too perfect to be real. If I am wrong, I think she has the most beautiful face in the world as of now.

What do you think?
Do you think her eyebrows are thin?
The hair looks a faint green. I am sure it is surreal.

I intend to look for the more of this image using Tin Eye and find out who this is;  Who photographed her if she is real?

Hey, creator of this photo! Reveal yourself to me. I want to buy you a coffee.

ps: Image is linked to the source.


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