Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Not proud of beautiful hands?

You might wonder who looks at hands when all they are interested in my mane, lips, bust, and complexion! I must agree with you overall but your hands are so clearly visible at your work place and in your home dining room-right? If your hands are not well kept, you will put the people away from you; then where is the question of demanding a Second Glance?

Just like your teeth, eyes, and lips, your hands too deserve care and attention they deserve.

Never let your Palm go dry.

It doesn’t mean you apply a moisturizer every hour on the hour. You should apply the right and proven moisturizer right after a shower when your skin is still damp skin. This means, do not use the towel to bone dry your skin; allow the dampness to absorb the moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer whose fragrance doesn't put you off. Do not opt for any colored moisturizer as some may leave the dye permanently on your skin over repeated usage.

Say “NO NO” to chemicals
I know it is unavoidable to stay away from chemicals especially with the kitchen and bathroom cleaning comes to. We know how the household cleaning products can take a toll on hands; they are the prime culprit in turning our skin DRY.

Use gloves!
There are plenty of options when you intend to buy kitchen gloves. I read that ‘Playtex Living Gloves’ have multiple layers of neoprene to provide superior protection when compared to ordinary latex gloves.

It costs only $11.68 for a pair of 4 Playtex Living Gloves in Amazon.com. Get into the habit of wearing gloves every time you clean the bathroom or kitchen sink.

The Ultra-Fresh in the Playtex Living Gloves gives you perfect anti-microbial protection; you can be free from the odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. The gloves also provide excellent hot-water protection. 

beautiful hands

Ah, yes, the nails. They stare at the people sitting before you. Your nails come into the view first and then only your palm and arm. If only had you manicured the nails to perfection and colored them matching (not contrasting) the color of your skin on the arms, people would love to hold your hands in their hands rather you in their arms.

You can strengthen your nails by soaking them in lukewarm milk for a minute or so.

If you are not good at DIY method of manicuring, you can always go to a SPA nearby. They will do an astounding job and you will be glad you did that.

A tip from the New York’s top ranking Hand Model Ellen Sirot:
"Whenever you do your household or gardening work, remember to wear Playtex Living Gloves." 


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