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The best 4 ways to remove hair from your arms and legs.

As I was checking the Google for duplicate content of a blog post that was sent to me as a ghost post, one headline of the search results picked my interest. The headline that was at the top of the first page of the search results read, “Why I chose to shave instead of other forms of hair removal…” Actually, I applied a few filters to my search; I chose to see the results from India only and the other filter was to see the results only from the last year web publications.

I hesitated a few seconds before clicking on the title that attracted my interest. I landed on the blog post below:

I began to read the blog post and was surprised that I read it fully. Yeah, it was very well composed and precise. I liked the writing style first and the clarity in thinking by the author named “Magali” from Bombay.

The blog post explained about 4 different ways to remove unwanted hair.
·         Waxing,
             Depilatory creams
·         Epilating,    
             Laser hair removal

I know the ‘waxing’ method is near extinct and the laser hair removal is the vogue of the day.  Magali admitted that she tried all the methods and concluded that no one method is perfect. I think most of you, readers, would agree with her opinion.

Sure, what works for one may not be so for another. That’s why all these methods of hair removal are still being done except of course waxing and shaving with blades.

Laser Hair removal:
Laser hair removal

A long time ago, I happen to interview a beautician on the condition that it must be off the web. She told me that the Laser hair removal is the most preferred by women. By trial and error method, now even facial hair is removed with laser light.

How the Laser Hair Removal works?
The laser beam of a particular wavelength is employed and it causes the required damage to the dark elements in hair follicles that are known as ‘chromophores’.

Epilating is another popular hair removal method because of its DIY (Do-It-Yourself) facility.Anyone can handle an epilator which is a small portable electronic device and hence travel-friendly. Do you know that the modern epilators can be used wet and dry?

More on laser method:
·         Laser hair removal became a commercial cosmetic procedure about 10 years ago.
·         Medical lasers have been used to remove dark spots, acne scars, other types of skin blemishes and even tattoos!
·         Laser method is not permanent.s somethingifferent to say about the laser method of removing hair. I am sure you are not aware of it and thus you should check what Magali has written on her blog.

Well, ap reading blogs on this topic, it is better to see a dermatologist first than a beautician.


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