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Aesthetics has no definitions. It depends on individual values and to some extent, popular social views decide what is aesthetic.  Be it jewelry, clothes or footwear, aesthetic appearance continue to change though one would wonder who brings in the changes and why a particular new dress style or a jewelry design is liked by thousands of people!

It would be interesting to study men’s preferences of jewelry as there is nothing big they can do about their dressing style.  While women decide on jewels first and then select a matching dress, men just wear their jewelry without bothering about wearing a matching dress. Of course, men in different parts of the world sports jewelry made of various metals that include gold, silver, copper, stainless steel and platinum. Nevertheless, it is reported that silver is preferred over gold by men in general and men in U.K. in particular.

Why silver jewelry?
Silver jewelry makes the perfect gift for those who believe in buying gifts of real value. Since gold is not within the reach of many, silver gifts are affordable by the majority of the people.  In addition, silver possesses a definite sales value and hence is certainly an asset.

In addition, most of the religious jewelry is made of silver. Men prefer silver jewels over gold because silver looks less feminine. Moreover, most of the men wear dark suits that display silver better than gold because of the contrast.
It is easier to clean silver and involves negligible expenditure.

Silver jewelry for men.
With the way they wear their dress, men don’t have several options of sporting jewelry with a few exceptions here and there. Silver rings and silver necklaces don’t suit men.  At best, men wear silver chains.

Men’s silver chains
Unlike women, men’s silver chains are usually thicker and heavier. Generally, they don’t attach a pendant to their chains. Of course similar to women’s chains, there are several types of chains available for men too though they are not known to be choosy like women.

Bespoke Silver Jewelry
It is generally believed that those with very fine taste consider their jewelleries as trophies. They are the ones who meticulously decide on their bespoke silver jewellery which are otherwise known as custom made. Bespoke jewelleries are hand made by highly skilled goldsmiths.

Silver Cuff Bracelet
Sterling Silver Medusa Bracelet

Sterling Silver Medusa Bracelet

Wearing silver cuff bracelet is considered stylish and gives an aristocratic look. Most men wear it broad and heavy. Men’s silver bracelets being broad can be engraved with floral designs. However, not many men prefer their bracelets to contain artistic designs; they would like to keep it simple and straight.


Though jewelry trend varies from nation to nation, overall, people prefer silver jewels over any other precious metal.


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