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Top 10 trending floral eye-makeup

Top 10 trending floral eye-makeup

floral eye makeup

Have you ever thought of putting flowers near your eyes? If no, then start to dream to give a stunning look to your face with floral eye makeup. We know that adhering flowers to our face is not only the latest trend but also suits fashion loving girls as the makeup is natural and skin-friendly

Makeup artists glue original flowers around the eyes and beautify eyes with eye-shadow and eye-liner resulting in gorgeous look. This article will tell you about top 10 floral eye makeup looks.

Top 10 trending floral eye-makeup:

·         Botanical Brows: You won't need any highlighter if you use tiny, dried flowers at the corner of your eyes. This golden- themed makeup will draw the attention of everybody to your face.

·         Straight Fire: Straight Fire is the stuff of dreams. No doubt, it will give you a stunning look.

·         Garden of E (ye) Den: Are you feeling a festive mood? Do you need a new look? Then opt for Garden of E (ye) Den which will attract every eye to your cheekbones.

·         Flower Fairy: to give your look gorgeous approach, just use glitter, colors along with mini dried flowers around your eyes. Oh! It is just awesome.

·         Patterned Petals: You may give the floral eye makeup look a systematic and patterned approach with the help of Patterned Petals.

·         Fierce and Floral: Fierce and Floral is nothing but the dusting of yellow. Put the oversized, dried petals around your eyes to give a floral look for spring.

·         Red Hot: Decorate the outer corner of your eyes with red eye-shadow and top of your eyes with a neutral, dried flower. It is the simplest version of floral eye makeup, which will bring a compliment for you.

·        Monochromatic makeup: Monochromatic makeup is one of the hottest floral eye makeups, which makes you look gorgeous and pop. You must match your choice of flowers, to be put around your eyes, with your eye-shadow color.

·         Wallflowers: We know that simple touches add more beauty to our face. Wallflowers give a delicate touch to our skin and add a punch to our look.

·         Frosted Pink petals: Wow! Such a sober, elegant and stunning look Frosted Pink Petals, a floral eye makeup, has! Glitter is used around the eyes along with petals of flowers.

 Whether it is a festival season or it is a party or wedding, you can glue dried flowers at the outer corner of your eyes or around your eyes to instantly demand a second glance. Nowadays, makeup artists are incorporating flowers in an accessible manner in Instagram. Those, who have tried floral eye makeup, are amazed at their own looks. So, don't wait and try it at a party or in a wedding. 


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