Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Women are paying a huge amount of money to get the ‘Ivanka look’

So, Ivanka Trump is here in India now. I am sure she is going to capture the millions of hearts in India with her aristocratic looks. Already, 100s of Americans are spending up to $50,000 in plastic surgery to make them look like Ivanka Trump.

I read a couple of news clips that quoted Dr. Norman Rowe, a  New York plastic surgeon who revealed that nearly 50 women of different age approached him with pictures of Ivanka, asking how he could make them look like her.

They were ready to spend up to $50,000 to undergo:
* Nose slimming,
*Eye reshaping
*Breast Augmentation
* Cheekbone widening

I think they were chasing a wild dream. Sorry to be blunt. Yes, a cosmetic surgeon can do a nose job and do some cheekbone reshaping. I am sure that won't yield the desired results.

Look! Ivanka Trump is too beautiful to duplicate. I would point out her long neck as the sole reason for the futile attempt to replicate her. Ivanka's beauty lies in the size of her neck among other features.

Other things that add to her beauty is her confidence and the way she carries herself. They add to her aristocratic appearance. She surely attracts many 'second glances'.

Without realizing these points, one woman endured the pain of 13 invasive medical procedures so that she can look like Ivanka.



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